PIXL Philosophy

The PI Experiential Learning Program offers participants the opportunity to learn about themselves as they interact with others. We give them the tools to take a close look at their own personality and style and we help them to see firsthand the impact that their behavior has on the people they lead. We believe that when highly-skilled people work together on a complex undertaking, conflict among team members is almost unavoidable. However, that conflict does not necessarily have to be detrimental to team effectiveness. Disagreements and conflict present a leadership challenge, but if handled appropriately, can lead to greater creativity, better decisions, and higher productivity.

We give individuals the tools they need to make sure that their teams “have the good fight” and have the most productive team interactions possible. Our approach goes well beyond traditional teambuilding exercises; we draw upon academic research in the fields of leadership, group dynamics, organizational behavior, and social psychology to develop our program curricula. In addition, PIXL’s data-driven approach to learning ensures that we stay at the cutting edge. Combining targeted, data-driven feedback, high quality classroom and online instruction with structured activities and exercises creates a uniquely high-impact learning environment for our participants. Perform, measure, adjust, measure and perform again - that's how people learn.

PIXL is excited about delivering real learning outcomes and also pushing the boundaries of research. PIXL continues to use academic research to refine the software and the entire learning experience.