Depending on the teaching focus, participants are presented with varying scenarios throughout the learning experience. Each scenario provides unique learning that builds on previous lessons. Here are some examples of scenarios:


Plant Turnaround Exercise

Participants learn that one of their manufacturing plants has been plagued by problems. Working individually, then as a team, participants decide on a set of actions needed to turn the plant around.


Logo Branding

Participants learn that a customer wants to place a large order, but only if they agree to laser print a custom logo on each unit. The production plant is equipped with a laser-branding machine, but the quality of the finished product is not always reliable. Participants analyze the opportunity and decide whether or not to accept the order.


Materials Negotiation

Participants play the role of manufacturing purchaser or component supplier, and negotiate with one another to buy and sell manufacturing materials. Negotiation centers around multiple issues, many of which require tradeoffs to gain the most value.


Innovation and New Product Development

Participants decide whether to focus on existing products or produce a new product. Teams decide which products to emphasize, how much to spend on Research & Development, and whether to expand into new markets like Asia or Europe.