Learn Business by Doing Business

At PIXL, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing – experience leads to proficiency. We use a sophisticated business simulation framework to give people the opportunity to work in teams, devising their own detailed strategy and managing their business. We couple this with state of the art assessment techniques and targeted classroom training to help participants achieve the most in their personal development.

The PIXL Program is for

Corporate Leaders

Computer-based simulation provides an opportunity to deliver effective training at low cost and low risk.  

Unlike the real business world, where managers will never know the answer to “what if?,” participants in PIXL’s simulation gain a clear understanding of how their choices impact their outcomes, and how they would have fared had they chosen differently.  

Business Students

Students today grow up surrounded by computers and games. Simulation software can add a new perspective to traditional classroom teaching and provide real-world experience in a no risk environment.

PIXL’s offering is unique in simulations. We offer a full program that includes instruction, individual and team assessments, and a powerful simulation that has trained more than 15,000 students over the past 25 years.

What does PIXL stand for?

PI Experiential Learning

“PI” means Performance Improvement

At PIXL, we take a data-driven approach to learning, measuring individual behaviors and team processes throughout the program. Our simulation-based training platform and sophisticated analytical tools allow us to assess current behaviors, identify areas for improvement, suggest modifications, and measure the outcome.

“PI” means Personal Introspection

Our simulation-based programs offer participants the opportunity to learn about themselves as they interact with others. We give them the tools to take a close look at their own personality and style and we help them to see firsthand the impact that their behavior has on those around them.

“PI” means Professional Integration

Success in business relies on team members from a wide range of functional areas sharing their skills, expertise, and unique knowledge to get the job done. We focus on identifying and eliminating the barriers to effective cross-functional collaboration.

“PI” means Productive Interactions

When highly-skilled people work together on a complex undertaking, such as running a business in today’s competitive world, conflict among team members is almost unavoidable. We teach participants how to manage that conflict to achieve greater creativity, better decisions, and higher productivity.

PIXL has been used by over 15,000 participants over the past 25 years.

PIXL is a experiential business learning program that teaches corporate leaders and business students how to do business.

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