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Our approach goes well beyond traditional teambuilding exercises; we draw upon academic research in the fields of leadership, group dynamics, organizational behavior, and social psychology to develop our program curricula. In addition, PIXL’s data-driven approach to learning ensures that we stay at the cutting edge. Participants leave with real learning in the following areas.


Develop and articulate a strategy and learn how to align the organization and make business decisions to implement the strategy.


Understand market dynamics, forecast demand, fine-tune pricing decisions, interpret and use financial statements, and manage resources to meet strategic and operational goals.

Personal Development

Improve self-awareness, identify personal leadership strengths and development areas, and understand behavioral impact on others.

Effective Team Process

Improve communication skills, collaborate effectively, manage conflict, and build and maintain effective relationships as a leader and team member.


Use frameworks to understand the structure and context of negotiations, learn to identify interests, establish priorities, and develop strategies that enhance the ability to create and claim value in negotiations.

What PIXL Participants Have to Say

“In order to be successful, organizations must learn to leverage the talent of all employees, regardless of the package in which they come. Failure to do so means that organizations will not have access to expertise needed to succeed in our ever changing and dynamic environments. To be successful in this endeavor, leaders must become effective curators of the knowledge possessed by the diverse members of their organizations. Whether I am engaging women exclusively in their quest to become better leaders or a broad array of students, I have found the PIXL simulation program to be an excellent way to help individuals learn to hone their own and other’s leadership talents.”

Melissa Thomas-Hunt, faculty leader for The Women’s Leadership Program at Virginia’s Darden School

“I loved the fact that I could put in my numbers, and then in a day or two have feedback from the [virtual] marketplace, and respond and adjust my strategy accordingly. I liked the feeling of actually leading a business from an owner/operator’s perspective. I think that’s where the real value of the simulation lies. In my current role, I need to be intimate with cash flows and costs, but I don’t want to get lost in those details and lose sight of the bigger job of leading an enterprise.”

Chris Pletcher, General Manager, Assured Testing Services

“We used the PIXL business simulation during our MBA orientation week. It was a great way for incoming students ​to get to know one another as they dove right into learning about teamwork and their own individual leadership strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, the simulation gave students an opportunity to review fundamental business concepts and exposed them to new skills and tools that they would see as part of the MBA curriculum.”

Erin Draper, Managing Director, Reh Center for Entrepreneurship, Clarkson University

“Part of the simulation is not just teaching how functions work together, but also about good organizational behavior. How does the team function together? How do you divide the roles and responsibilities within the team while promoting good team dynamics? That’s just as much a learning experience as how well you do in the simulation.”

Eric Feinstein, Director of Investments, Northwell Ventures at Northwell Health

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